LLNP Improving Ecotourism Facilities At Lake Tambing

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Palu, Central Sulawesi, (antarasulteng.com) - The Lore Lindu National Park (LLNP) in Central Sulawesi province received a budget of around Rp600 million in 2015 to improve the existing facilities at the ecotourism destination of Lake Tambing.

LLNP Head Sudaryatna stated on Monday that the funds from the state budget for the Ministry of Forestry and Environment will be used to build and improve the infrastructure and facilities at the Lake Tambing ecotourism destination.

He noted that the infrastructure and facilities being built include a road connecting to the tourist attraction at the lakeside, a home generator to anticipate power failure, electrical installations, procurement of a motorcycle to transport garbage, a parking lot that can accommodate up to 50 cars and motorcycles, a mosque, and an information center.

On arrival, the existing officers at the information center will offer a briefing to the visitors about the lake and the variety of other attractions at the national park.

Sudaryatna noted that in future, the LLNP will also build other facilities, such as a pavilion, cottages, outbound areas, and a bird observation tower near Lake Tambing.

He remarked that a tracking line, orchid breeding garden, and gallery will also be built for the visitors, so that they can enjoy their visit to Lake Tambing and the national park.

"These improvements are urgently needed to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to visit the ecotourism area at the lake and park," he added. 
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