PLTA Poso I To Come On Stream In 2018

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PLTA Poso I To Come On Stream In 2018

PLTA Poso Energy terdiri dari tiga proyek dimana PLTA Poso-1 memiliki kapasitas potensi 60 MW, PLTA Poso-2 memiliki kapasitas potensi 180 MW, dan PLTA Poso-3 memiliki kapasitas 300 MW. Ketiga PLTA ini menggunakan sumber daya air Sungai Poso, Desa Sulewana, Kecamatan Pamona Utara, Kabupaten Poso, Pro

Palu, C Sulawesi, ( - A new unit of the hydro power plant (PLTA) of Sulewana Poso , in Central Sulawesi is expected to come on line in 2018.

"Construction of the power plant with a capacity of 4x30 megawatts is expected to be completed in two years," Mustakim, the manager of the contractor PT. Poso Energy,said here on Monday.

The new unit would be built by phases with the first phase to have a capacity of 2x30MW . Construction of the first phase would include a dam upstream.

The project, which is estimated to cost Rp2 trillion is not far from PLTA Poso`s older unit which has been operational since 2013. of the plant

Mustakim said the dam would control water supply in that area in addition to feeding the power plant including the old unit.

The old unit built at a cost of Rp3.5 trillion has a capacity of 3 X 65 megawatts. 

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