Bulog To Launch 50 Thousand Subsidized Food Shops This Year

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Director of Business Development and Industry Bulog, Imam Subowo (ist)

Palu, C Sulawesi, (antarasulteng.com)- The National Logistics Agency (Bulog) has set a target of setting up at least 50 thousand subsidized food shops called "our food houses" (RPK) across Indonesia this year.

"Until now, some 13 thousand RPK have been set up in several districts and cities across the country," Imam Subowo, director of business and industry development of Bulog, stated here, Friday.

The agency expressed hope that every village or urban area would have at least one RPK.

The RPK aims at providing adequate, affordable, and healthy food to everyone, he explained.

The more RPK exist, the better access the public will have to buy their daily necessities.

The food shops, receiving subsidies from the government, are expected to help prevent hikes and speculations in prices. The shops will offer standardized prices across the country.

"The prices will be the same. Every RPK will sell food commodities at the highest retail prices set by the central government," he remarked.

In Central Sulawesi, 500 RPK have been set up, and the number is expected to increase this year.

RPK offer eggs, onions, chili, flour, sugar, rice, and cooking oil, among other essentials.

The distribution of food commodities by Bulog to RPK has been running smoothly until now.  

Editor: Rolex Malaha