Bulog Targets Cultivating Paddy On One Million Hectares Of Land

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Director of business and industry development of Bulog, Imam Subowo (ist)

Palu, C Sulawesi, (antarasulteng.com) - The National Logistics Agency (Bulog) has set a target to implement its on farm program for cultivating paddy on one million hectares of land this year.

"We are optimistic that our target to plant paddy on one million hectares of rice fields through the on farm program would be materialized," Imam Subowo, director of business and industry development of Bulog, stated here, Friday.

Subowo was in Central Sulawesi for the first harvest of paddy for the 2017 harvest season conducted under the on farm program in Sidondo Village, Sigi District, 40 kilometers from Palu.

The on farm program comprises the farmers` self-reliance on farm program wherein the cost is entirely borne by the farmers, and the paddy produced under the program will be bought by Bulog at a standard price set by the government and Bulog`s on farm program whose cost is funded fully by the logistics agency.

Bulog has also implemented the working partners on farm program, with financing from banks, and the farmers` working partners and synergy on farm programs involving the participation of state-owned and private companies.

Of the target of one million hectares across the country, some 300 hectares have been materialized so far.

For South Sulawesi alone, this year`s target is 12 thousand hectares, and only 300 hectares have been materialized so far, Suprianto, head of the Bulog chapter in Central Sulawesi, remarked.

Paddy producing regions in Central Sulawesi include Donggala, Parigi Moutong, Poso, Sigi, Banggai, and Tolitoli.

Editor: Rolex Malaha