Central Sulawesi Bulog Set To Reach Rice Procurement Target

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Bulog (antaranews)

Palu, March (antarasulteng.com) - The Central Sulawesi unit of the state owned Logistic Board (Bulog) said it is set to reach its target of rice procurement this year.

Head of the Public Service division of the provincial unit of Bulog Bahar said procurement so far has reached 662 tons from local farmers as against its target of 35,000 tons this year.

The purchases of rice from local farmers would be in line with the regional requirement, he said.

He said every month Bulog distributes 3,000 tons of rice for poor families in 13 regencies in the province.

He said Central Sulawesi sometimes needs rice supply from other regions because of limited procurement locally.

However, starting 2017, Central Sulawesi Bulog hopes to be able to meet the regional requirement from local farmer, he said.

"The target is quite big , but Bulog has to work hard to achieve it," he added.

Central Sulawesi has once self sufficient of rice but only for a year. Now, the regional office of Bulog committed to repeating the record of self sufficiency for the province.

He said if the instruction of the central Sulawesi governor could be fully implemented that farmers in six regencies should set aside 10 percent of their production for Bulog, the target would reached. 

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