Central Sulawesi Sulawesi Predicted To Maintain High Growth In Economy

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Bank Indonesia (antaranews)

Palu,  (antarasulteng.com) - The representative office of Bank Indonesia for Central Sulawesi predicted that the province would maintain a strong economic growth at 10.2-20.6 percent this year.

Last year, the economy of Central Sulawesi was 9.98 percent as against the country`s record of 5.02 percent, Miyono, chief representative of the central bank said here on Sunday.

Miyono attributed the growth mainly to its production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is expected to reach the target normal level. In addition growth is also predicted for investment in the province to follow the implementation of the government economic policy package.

Food crop production is also expected to rise such as rice, corn and soybean, he said.

Slowdown, however, is expected in the exports of primary commodities mainly to China, which is still struggling to recover from the decline in economic performance.

The Central Bureau of Statistics said the economic of Central Sulawesi grew only 9.98 percent in 2016 slowing from 15.52 percent growth in 2015, driven by the manufacturing sector that recorded a growth of 35.12 percent.

Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola said despite the slowing in growth, the 9.98 percent growth in 2016 was the highest still in the country. (skd)

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