Beef Cow Farms In Central Sulawesi Potential: Governor

id Longki, Gubernur, Donggala

Beef Cow Farms In Central Sulawesi Potential: Governor

Drs Longki Djanggola, MSi (humas)

Palu,  ( - Encouraging growth has been recorded for beef cow farms in Central Sulawesi over the past several years, Governor Longki Djanggola has said.

In 2016, Central Sulawesi had a population of 299,485 beef cows and in 2017, the population is expected to grow to at least 400,000, the governor said here on Monday.

"Central Sulawesi is one of potential regions, which have attracted the attention of the Central Government to develop beef cow farms to contribute to its program of self sufficiency in meat," Longki said addressing a ceremony commemorating the World Food Day.

He said in 2021, Central Sulawesi could increase its beef cow population to 1 million.

In order to meet the target the government has taken a number of steps such as artificial insemination of productive female cows, he said, adding, the provincial administration, therefore, prohibit the slaughtering of productive female cows.

Meanwhile, head of regional Animal Husbandry Office Sitti Wahdaniah said the province is one of the areas expected to be a production center for beef cows.

This province has enough fodder and grazing fields in a number of district areas, Sitti said.

The province predicted to record around 21,650 births of calves in 2017, she said, adding each district has to reach its target for artificial insemination to contribute to increase cow population in the province.

"Therefore, each district and city administration has to be serious in carrying out the program this program including how to socialize the program to the farmers that they would not slaughter their female cows," she said.

In order to back up the implementation of the program the provincial administration has provided 56,226 female cows as acceptors in a number of regencies and city administration including the regency of Banggai to have 12,289 acceptros, Donggala (7,890 acceptors, Sigi 5,969 acceptors , Parigi Mutong 5,889 acceptors , Tojo Unauna 4,716 acceptors, Banggai Kepulauan 3,594 acceptors, Poso 3,175 acceptors, Buol 3,139 acceptors , Morowali Utara 3,122 acceptors, Tolitoli 2,996 acceptors , Palu 1,841 acceptors and Morowali 1,606 acceptors or pregnant female cows.

The government is still dependents on import for meat including beef. The country imports beef or live cows mainly from Australia and India .

The government hopes to reduce dependence on imports by encouraging development of large modern livestock farms especially in eastern part of the region such as East and West Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. (skd) 

Editor : Adha Nadjemudin