Indonesia to stop gas supply to Singapore

id gas supply singapore

Indonesia to stop gas supply to Singapore

Illustration - A worker rotates a valve to put gas into pipe at the gas receiving and distributing station Bojonegoro, Serang, Banten (FOTO ANTARA/ Dhoni Setiawan)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry plans to stop gas supply to Singapore from the Suban Blok Corridor Field in 2023 to increase domestic supply.

"Gas is still abundant in Sumatra. Gas supply to Singapore will end in 2023 and will be used for domestic consumption," Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif said in a written statement released on Friday.

The gas will be diverted to Duri Dumai pipelines to meet domestic consumption particularly on Sumatra Island, he said.

Sumatra Island will also receive additional gas supply from several wells in which the government is negotiating to purchase gas, he said.

The gas will also be sent to Java Island through several pipelines connecting Gresik, Semarang, Cirebon to Jakarta and the gas will be derived from Blok Saka Kemang and Jambi Merang.

Gas will be supplied to Kalimantan through the Trans Kalimantan pipelines. It will come from i Blok East Natuna, he added.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry had signed an agreement with Singapore to supply 140 million cubic feet of gas per day for 17 years. The gas is supplied from Gajah Baru Field in West Natuna.

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