Medan attack will uncover North Sumatra's terror networks

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Medan attack will uncover North Sumatra's terror networks

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD was interviewed by local journalists (ANTARA/Zuhdiar Laeis/am/RN)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Medan bombing attack would lead the related law enforcement agencies to uncover terror networks in the areas of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia's top security minister, Mahfud MD, has said.

"I have discussed this matter with the Home Minister (Tito Karnavian). Referring to the case of the recent knife attack on Mr. Wiranto (in Banten Province), it has led the police to crush the terrorist groups in West Java," he said here Wednesday.

The Wiranto case had led to the arrests of 51 suspected members of the terrorist groups, he said while speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum's (Forkopimda's) coordinating meeting at the SICC of Bogor District.

Wiranto, former Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, was stabbed by a suspected terrorist at the Menes Square area of Purwaraja Village, Menes Sub-district, in Pandeglang District, Banten Province, on October 10.

As a result, Wiranto, the predecessor of Mahfud MD, was wounded and rushed to Pandeglang District's Berkah Public Hospital for emergency medical treatment. He was then moved to the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital (RSPAD) in Central Jakarta.

The acts of radicalism were classified into three categories, Mahfud MD said.

The first category is related to individuals who regard others as enemies; the second is related to bombing attacks or assaults, and the third is related to debates on ideological issues.

The Medan bombing attack was related to the second category, he said while urging the people at large to let the police handle the case and bring those responsible for this act of terror to trial.

A suspected suicide bomber detonated himself in the yard of the Medan city police headquarters on Wednesday morning, injuring six people.

Following this incident, the security of many police compounds in Indonesia's main cities, including Jakarta and Bandung, was stepped up.

In Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, the main gate of the police compound was guarded tightly by the police officers who conducted thorough security checks on visitors wanting to apply for police clearance letters (SKCK) and driving licenses.

Each of the visitors wearing jackets was ordered to release theirs, and to let their bags get checked by the on-duty police officers.

The regular services for the community members ran normally. On Wednesday, many residents who were keen to apply for civil servants came to the Bandung city police headquarters to get the police clearance letters.

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