BMKG Palu surveys dangers of large-scale development in mining areas

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BMKG Palu surveys dangers of large-scale development  in mining areas

A landslide that occurred at a community mining location in Buranga Village, Ampibabo Sub-District, Parigi Moutong District, Central Sulawesi, in February 2021. ANTARA/Kristina Natalia

Kota Palu (ANTARA) - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Geophysics Station in Palu, Central Sulawesi, conducted a survey on disasters and hazards in large-scale development in mining areas.

"We have surveyed the large-scale infrastructure development up to the port," Head of the BMKG Data and Information Section for the Palu Geophysics Station, Hendrik Leopatty, stated here on Wednesday.

The BMKG Palu Geophysics Station conducted the survey along with mining companies in Morowali District, Central Sulawesi.

In the survey, the BMKG highlighted the dangers and impacts of infrastructure development in the event of an earthquake in the area. The agency will also offer directions to companies looking to conduct large-scale development in mining areas.

"In future, apart from the BMKG, construction experts will also be involved. Thereafter, we will also disseminate information on mitigation. Hence, this coordination is really important,” according to Leopatty.

He explained that Morowali District is an area traversed by the Gerasa segment of the Matano fault line. Earthquake experts in Indonesia have estimated that the shocks caused by this segment could reach 7.1-magnitude.

From these shocks, the BMKG estimates the areas most likely to be affected include Sigi, Donggala, Poso, North Morowali and Palu City.

"The affected areas are those around the Matano fault," he pointed out.

Leopatty admitted that not all mining companies in Central Sulawesi were involved in collaborating with the BMKG Geophysics Station regarding the dangers of earthquakes in the construction of large-scale infrastructure in mining areas.

"We did not go directly to the company. They should have met us first,” he remarked.

Apart from building cooperation with mining companies, the BMKG will also disseminate information and edify about disaster mitigation to members of the community in the mining areas of Morowali and North Morowali districts.

"Several companies are also collaborating with the local government for the handling of natural disasters,” he stated.

"We have raised awareness and spread education in Palu City, Donggala District, Poso, Buol, Toli-toli and Parigi Moutong," he added.


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