Central Sulawesi Has Most Airports

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Central Sulawesi Has Most Airports

Head of transportation service of Central Sulawesi Province Abdul Haris Rengga (Foto Antara)

Palu, C Sulawesi, (antarasulteng.com) - The Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi has the most airports in the country, and this is very beneficial to accelerate economic development and people`s welfare.

"Central Sulawesi has the most airports and this is in accordance with the condition of the vast area which still has limited infrastructure and means of land and sea transportation," said Abdul Haris Renggah, Head of the Central Sulawesi Transportation Office, here on Thursday.

According to him, the province has seven airports, namely

Mutiara Sis-Aljufri Airport in Palu City, Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport in Luwuk, Banggai district. Both are large enough airports that can accommodate Boeing 737 jet aircraft.

Five other airports are Kasiguncu Airport in Poso City, Tanjng Api Airport in Ampana, Pogogul Airport in Buol, Sultan Bantilan Airport in Tolitoli, and Maleo Airport in Morowali.

"All these airports have been served with regular flights connected directly to important cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Gorontalo, Manado, Balikpapan and Tarakan," Renggah said.

Currently, the Central Sulawesi Transportation office is preparing for the construction of a new airport in Banggai Laut District to facilitate access of transportation because to reach the area, visitors have to board a motor boat for six hours from the City of Luwuk, Banggai District.

"The current process is land acquisition for the airport area by Banggai Laut District, and next year it has been proposed to get State Budget from the Ministry of Transportation," he said.

The local transportation agency has also proposed the opening of direct flights from Mutiara Sis-Aldjufri airport in Palu to Maleo Airport in Morowali.

"Morowali and North Morowali are the two districts that are currently central to the nickel and crude palm oil industry.The entrepreneurs who will visit the area generally do not go through Palu City but via Makassar or Kendari because the access is nearer and cheaper," he said. he said. (skd)