Pudjiastuti urges six foreign ships be handed over before October

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Pudjiastuti urges six foreign ships be handed over before October

Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti (middle) and coordinator of the Team 115 Mas Achmad Santosa (left) in Jakarta, Thursday, September 19, 2019. (ANTARA/Ade Irma Junida/Sw)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti had pressed for the handover of six foreign ships used in illegal fishing cases before the end of the current ministerial service in next October.

"I expect that some things that remain undone can be completed within the six weeks left. The handover of six ships is pending, so once it can be executed immediately, we will have no pending task for the next officials," Pudjiastuti stated here, Thursday.

On the same occasion of closing of the National Coordination Meeting on Eradication of Illegal Fishing, the minister pinned high hopes on the Team of Eradication Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing (IUU Fishing), or 'the Team 115,' having continuity.

Speaking in connection with the foreign ships, the team’s coordinator, Mas Achmad Santosa, stated that all six cases were already settled. The ships -- Silver Sea 2, Sea Breeze STS 50, Fu Yuan Yu 831, MV Nika, Gui Bei Yu 27088, and Cing Tan Co 19038 -- were also wanted by Interpol.

"Confiscated ships commonly will not be destroyed, and we indeed have them for educational purposes, to serve as monuments or museums. Some will travel around Indonesia, while others remain in Jakarta," Santosa stated.

However, funding continues to pose an obstacle for the team on account of the high costs involved in the shipment of some unoperated ships to Jakarta.


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