Morowali industrial estate to phase out foreign labor

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Morowali industrial estate to phase out foreign labor

Employees of PT. IMIP (

 Jakarta,  (AntaraNews Sulteng) - PT Industrial Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) in Central Sulawesi, said it is set to phase out the use of foreign workers now making up 10.9 percent of the total number of workers employed in the industrial estate.

Currently, there are 2,985 foreign workers or 10.9 percent of 29,000 workers in the industrial estate.

"We are serious about that. We have signed cooperation agreement with the Industry Ministry to open training for local workers to replace foreign workers," Advisor in human resource affairs of PT IMIP Zulkifli Amran said here on Tuesday.

The agreement was signed by Secretary General of the Industry Ministry Haris Munandar and Managing Director of IMIP Hamid .

The government has been strongly criticized over the employment of many foreign workers in Morowali.

Zulkifli said IMIP could employ 3,185 local workers mainly from the district of Morowali.

Hamid said the result of investment in human resource development would take long time, adding, education and training is a longer term investment.

He said IMIP plans to employ foreign workers with number not more than 10 percent of the total number of its workers.

"Every week we accept a recruitment of 100-200 workers . We also seek to employ university graduates from Palu to work for us," he said.

Haris Munandar said the ministry will continue to provide support in supply of skilled human resources to the industry through cooperation with high learning institutes.

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