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Tolitoli Again Hit By Floods

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Tolitoli Again Hit By Floods
One of the points of location of puddles in Tolitoli, Thursday (4/8) (Antarasulteng/Amat Banjir)
Palu, C Sulawesi,  (antarasulteng.com) - Floods again hit Tolitoli District, Central Sulawesi Province, forcing several local inhabitants to flee to higher ground on Tuesday.

The flooding was triggered by incessant heavy rains that caused several rivers to overflow their banks, Salman SP, a flood victim, stated in Tuweley Village, here, Wednesday.

Some 12 thousand families living in the sub-districts of Baolan, Lapasio, Galang, Ogodeide, and Dakopamean were affected by the floods.

On June 3, 2017, flash floods had inundated several regions in Tolitoli District.

Two people died, and two others went missing after flash floods had hit four sub-districts in Tolitoli early this month.

The affected sub-districts were Baolan, Galang, Dako Pemean, and Lamposio.

The dead victims were identified as 60-year-old Salma and 62-year-old Rahmi from the Pilado Tambun Village.

The missing inhabitants were 43-year-old Mea and 41-year-old Sastro, both fishermen from the Doyan Village. Rescuers are still looking for them.

The flooding had affected a total of 56 thousand families. The evacuation efforts, being carried out jointly by the regional disaster mitigation agency`s officers, search and rescue officers, as well as military and police personnel, have been hindered by the incessant downpour in Tolitoli.

Floodwaters, reaching heights of between one and four meters, damaged at least one bridge, cut off several roads, and triggered landslides in several areas.

The flooding had also caused power outages in several villages in Tolitoli. (skd) 

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