Road from Palu to Kulawi washed away

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The roads dkilometer 57 Omu Village, Sigi, almost carried away flood, Friday (1/6), causing traffic flow Palu-Kulawi almost completely cut off. (Antaranews Sulteng/Dinas BMPR Sulteng)

Palu, C Sulawesi,  (Antaranews Sulteng) - Floods and lanslides washed away large sections of the concrete paved road from Palu City road to Kulawi and Pipikoro plains, Sigi district, Central Sulawesi Province, cutting it off for four-wheelers since Friday morning.

The worst affected stretch was at kilometre 57 from Palu City towards Kulawi, in Omu Village, Gumbasa Sub-district, where the entire road was carried away by the river that runs alongside after heavy rain in the area. Only motorcycles can ply there now.

The Head of the Public Works Department of Bina Marga and Spatial Planning of Central Sulawesi Province, Syaifullah Jafar, said, "We are trying to handle it by deploying heavy equipment in order to clear up the landslides so that this road segment can be functional immediately."

He expressed the hope that the rain would cease and flood waters subside soon so that repairs could be carried out and traffic restored on the strategic provincial roads. 
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